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Benefits Of Windows 8 For Small Businesses

The official date for the launch of Windows 8 is still awaited. However, the latest operating system from Microsoft has set the rumor mills churning ever since the news about its forthcoming release was made public.

This is post is all about how we can say that Windows 8 has quite a lot for Small Businesses. But, before we talk on that, lets just get a glance on how to Download and Install Windows 8.

If you want to test Windows 8 on a Virtual machine, you need to have the latest Virtual machine software, say for example, VMWare 8, VirtualBox, etc. This means, if you are using VMware 7 or earlier version, its time to upgrade your Software's.

We suggest you to install Windows 8 on VMware 8 Workstation. Read my recent article explaining the Step by Step Instructions To Install Windows 8 on VMWare Workstation 8.

I have already said in my earlier post, about where to Download Windows 8 Developer Edition.

Ok, that’s just the basic. Coming to this post, according to the grapevine, Windows 8 has several features that are likely to benefit small enterprises. Here’s a brief description about some of its USPs:

More user-friendly – Windows 8 comes with a flexible interface. You don’t need a particular device to avail yourself of all its useful features. Small organizations can easily incorporate Windows 8 into their PCs without shelling out any extra money on new devices. The existing hardware will be suffice and they need not be updated.

Lesser boot up time – This bit of information will surely bring a smile on your face, no matter whether you are a simple PC user or an industrious entrepreneur. It is being said that the Windows 8 interface will take only 8 seconds to load itself once the PC is turned on. You would surely not mind if your PC is off for just 8 seconds when a software is updated. The advantages are easy to ascertain and they are inter-related. Windows 8 will help save time, which in turn will help save energy. So, the end result will be a sizeable reduction in expenditures.

App Store – Another interesting feature that is bound to catch the fancy of PC users. Have a look at the entire gamut of applications and select the ones that you like.


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