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Characteristics Of Eco Friendly Gadgets | How To Say A Product Is Environment Friendly

Eco friendly products include small articles from handmade papers bags, jute bags, recycled papers to Eco friendly fuels so on. The most important reason why one should start using Eco friendly products is because of the devastating effect of harmful gases, non-biodegradable plastics, dangerous gases which not only pollutes the environment but also causes respiratory problems in human beings.

A person being Eco friendly helps his surrounding to be less harmful to the fellow human beings and the animals around him. He does so, by using Eco friendly products and by using organic chemicals instead of harsh ones for his purposes.

Just to be sure green (Environment Friendly) gadgets are consumer electronic products that strive to be eco friendlier.

Characteristics Of Eco Friendly Gadgets  How To Say A Product Is Environment Friendly

They have a few or all of these characteristics:

  • They contain little or no toxic chemicals or materials.
  • They are manufactured as efficiently as possible, using the fewest materials possible, by companies that practice environmentally friendlier policies and processes.
  • They are built with highly recyclable materials, such as aluminum, arsenic - free glass, or recycled plastic bottles, for as many parts as possible.
  • They draw as little power as possible — and uses that energy as efficiently as possible.
  • They can power down to Standby mode or shut off (and shut off other gadgets that are plugged into them) if they detect that you aren’t using them or after a certain amount of time has passed.
  • They use a rechargeable battery pack, or batteries, rather than disposable ones.
  • They can be recharged (or can recharge other gadgets) from sources other than electricity, such as by absorbing sunlight with solar panels or by winding a crank to generate power.
  • They can help you save gas and produce fewer carbon emissions by plotting the most efficient route to your destination or by monitoring and analyzing your driving style and then offering tips to help you drive more efficiently.
  • They are packaged as efficiently as possible in packaging made of partially to 100 percent recycled materials.
  • They can be easily recycled — ideally through hassle-free take-back or trade-in programs offered by the manufacturer.

Activities are also very important in the case of environment. If you are not currently purchasing eco friendly products you can still be environmentally friendly by your activities.

Examples of this include, recycling, taking shorter showers, changing to energy efficient lighting, using non-toxic cleaning products, etc.

We should all consider switching to using and purchasing recycled materials. We are a consumption driven society and in order to solve our earth’s problems, we need to close the loop. Purchase eco friendly products made from recycled materials, or otherwise there is no need to recycle.


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