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How To Market Your Facebook Page

We have already seen that Facebook Pages have no fan limit, and can automatically accept fan requests, whereas profiles are restricted to a 5,000-friend limit and friends must be approved. But the point is, fans wont come automatically unless you market your Facebook page. So, How can you market your Page?

Your goal is to create interaction on your page that gets noticed. To do that you can use a variety of tactics. In this section, we discuss some ideas for sharing, adding features, and commenting.

Adding applications:

One simple idea is to add apps to your page. By doing so you generate another story on your Wall and in the News Feed of your fans. Facebook has a variety of apps for businesses, entertainment, games, sports, and utilities.

For example, you can use the SlideShare app to share a PowerPoint presentation with your fans or you can add the birthday calendar app to keep track of your local patrons’ special day.

Posting and sharing on a Page

Posting a blog or sharing an interesting article you just read that is related to your business is a great way of generating a story. To do this, simply click the What’s on Your Mind? box at the top of your Page. Enter a comment about the blog or article and then add the link by clicking the Attach a Link icon.

How To Market Your Facebook Page

Comment on your Page

Comments to members or for your Page show your fans that you’re engaged in a dialogue with them and add value to the conversation. If you get comments, be sure to respond to as many of them as you possibly can. Nothing keeps the dialogue going like knowing that someone is listening and responding.

Editing Page info

Editing your Page content is a very simple but often overlooked way to generate an item on your Wall. Although we don’t advise that you change your information several times a week, we do encourage you to edit your Page when major events occur.

Note: When creating a Facebook Page, use only those elements that either provide value to the visitor or represent the brand in a positive, audience-appropriate way. Because having an appropriate Facebook page will provide a great opportunity for both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) marketers to get the word out about their product or organization.


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