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Importance Of Personal Facebook Profile | Don’t Kid Around Your Facebook Profile

Facebook tries to make filling out your profile information as painless as possible with a simple, three-step process. You can choose to enter as much or as little information as you desire.

Although your protective side may be telling you not to reveal anything about your personal history, it’s important to note that by adding this information, you’re making it easier for people you may know to find you.

However, the eventual number of contacts you add as friends and the amount of information that you disclose is entirely up to you. For example, by not listing your high school, you won’t be included in search results for that particular school; therefore, you’re invisible to classmates who might be looking for you. Likewise, by not adding previous companies that you worked for, past associates looking to reconnect with you will have a harder time discovering your whereabouts.

Providing personal information on this page is not mandatory; you can simply skip these questions by clicking the Skip this step link in the lower-right corner of the shaded box. If your goal is to sign up as a business member to create a business Page, then follow this simple three-step process.

Importance Of Personal Facebook Profile  Don’t Kid Around Your Facebook Profile

Only disclose information that you’re comfortable having publicly available. This goes for profile questions on political views, religion, relationship status, as well as for age, sex, and home neighborhood. Don’t ever post unsavory or compromising photos as your profile picture, or anywhere within Facebook.

Your actions are transmitted to others in the form of news alerts, so don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want everyone you’re connected with to know.

There are too many stories of people losing a job or a job opportunity because of improper images on their Facebook profile pages.


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