Friday, February 24, 2012


Fix Problem Installing Lotus Sametime 8.5.2 On unsupported Linux Distribution

    Well, if you are trying to install Lotus Sametime 8.x.x on an unsupported Linux Distro, just like how I did, you will come across this error, "This operating system is not supported."

    Thankfully getting around the system checks Lotus Sametime performs well and made things easy.

    Here is what you need to do, just type the following command on your terminal before running the installer:

    # export STSkipAllChecks=true

    Still having problem installing Lotus Stand Time, Just follow the below official troubleshooting methods.

    Before deploying Lotus Sametime 8.0 server, IBM strongly recommends that the appropriate fix be applied to the server:

    • Linux: ICAE-79BKS5

    • AIX: ICAE-79CNL2

    • Solaris: ICAE-79CNMJ

    • Win32: ICAE-79CNNA

        For more information regarding the hotfixes above, refer to the technote titled "Fixes to known stability issues with Sametime 8.0 server" (#1289862).

        Before deploying the Lotus Sametime 8.0 connect client, IBM strongly recommends that you install a required fix. For more information, refer to the technote titled "Sametime 8.0 Connect client fix required prior to deployment: Update install.xml" (#1291831).

        Additional fixes for Sametime 8.0.x can be found as they become available on Fix Central.

        Product Documentation:

        The IBM Sametime documentation pages list product documentation, white papers, Redbooks, Redpapers, Redpieces, and additional documentation for supported releases of IBM Sametime Standard, IBM Sametime Entry, IBM Sametime Advanced, and IBM Sametime Unifed Telephony.


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