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Transfer View And Edit Microsoft Word Documents on iPad

When you pick up iPad, it becomes an extension of you. That’s the idea behind its innovative design. Just 8.8mm thin and weighing as little as 601g, it features a dual-core A5 chip, two cameras for FaceTime and HD video recording, 10-hour battery life, plus iOS 5 and iCloud. You’ll be amazed that something so thin can hold so much.

iPad has Great built in apps. It’s got everything. And it’s unlike anything. Surf the web, check email, watch films, play games and more. Have your favourite subscriptions delivered straight to Newsstand. Join the conversation with iMessage. And remember everything and anything with Reminders. With iPad, how you do things will never be the same.

This post is all about how to transfer your Microsoft Word Document to iPad so that you can edit the document on the go.

But while some of the documents we work with are written in Apple's Pages application, many more of the docs are from Microsoft Word, with the ".doc" and “.docx” filename suffix. Now, there is a way to view - and hopefully even edit them on the iPad

If you're willing to poke around a bit, you're one big step ahead.

Free App: You can also use any one of the free document processing apps such as FileApp (Documents & Files reader) instead of Pages app.

Here's the trick: you'll need to install the Pages app from the App Store (at $9.99, it's a great deal!) then plug your iPad into your computer. For this demo, I'll show the screen shots from my Windows 7 PC, but it should work the same from any OS running iTunes.

Click on the "Apps" tab:

Transfer View And Edit Microsoft Word Documents on iPad

Now you see the screen that lets you choose which apps you want to have on your iPad and organize them as you desire:

Transfer View And Edit Word Documents on iPad

Ready for that big secret? Scroll below this area and you'll see....

Transfer View And Edit Microsoft Word Documents on iPad_3

Click on "Pages" in the Apps (if you are using the free FileApp, then you need to click on that), then click on "Add...", then select the documents you want to work with.

Transfer View And Edit Microsoft Word Documents on iPad_4

That's all you have to do on the PC, which isn't too bad once you learn where the secret data library is located. Resync your iPad and the data files will transfer across as if by magic!

Next, launch Pages on your iPad. The opening screen looks like this:

Transfer View And Edit Microsoft Word Documents on iPad5

The folder icon (in the top right) is what you need to choose so you can get to your newly created document archive. Tap it and you'll see all the documents you transferred onto the iPad:

Transfer View And Edit Microsoft Word Documents on iPad_6

Tap on the document you want  and you'll see the import progress bar, and finally, it'll finish up and, possibly, show this:

Transfer View And Edit Microsoft Word Documents on iPad_Final

Now you can tweak and modify it as appropriate or just view it. Pages on the iPad isn't a fully functional editor, but it should keep you moving while on the road.

Here is a small video clip that will explain you the above steps for your easier understanding.

How to transfer microsoft word documents to ipad pages app


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