Friday, February 3, 2012


Windows 8 May Release in October 2012

Windows 8 might reach its end-users around October 2012 – Microsoft. From the day when Microsoft launched Windows 8 for software testers, a lot of rumors started spreading that the complete version will arrive very soon. It’s been quite a while and rumors are still active. Although Microsoft gave some signs in the past that Windows 8 operating system might reach the users in 2012, the users are still curious to know about the exact time period.

To break the curiosity, Microsoft has indicated that Windows 8 can hit the stores around October 2012. It was during the International Consumer Electronic Show 2012 (CES 2012) that the news broke out that the company is setting a target for the release of Windows 8 around October. Pocket-Lint, a distinguished portal revealed that the forthcoming Windows platform can get ported on devices somewhere around October 2012.

No one has confirmed the actual date for Windows 8 up to now as Microsoft developers, at this time are focusing on the customer preview edition which will be rolling out in February 2012.


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