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Windows 8 To Speed Up Cloud Adoption For Enterprises

It is certain that Windows 8 will help in accelerating the usage for cloud apps. But the question is, how do we say it? Well, this article will explain you how.

Ever since the preview version of Windows 8 came into the market, it brought a breath of fresh air for those who find cloud computing a superior interface. Microsoft has fully jumped into this bandwagon and expanded its portfolio by releasing the next version of Windows operating system for regular and enterprise level users in order to give them a cloud-based experience.

Windows 8 will be considered as the first operating system developed by Microsoft to support both tablets and desktop PCs. It has got a metro look and a touch-based design which is a new innovation for Windows.

Windows 8 To Speed Up Cloud Adoption For Enterprises

In the past, quite a few companies have tried to introduce cloud computing to the users through their tablet devices. But the cloud interface was mainly considered to carry out regular Internet related tasks like checking e-mails and storing files on a virtual location. And later, the situation changed and users could access office automation applications as well. And now, the tablets are becoming so popular that even enterprise users are gradually adopting it.

However, cloud technology lacks the technique to accomplish jobs associated with enterprise resource planning. This is primarily because most of the enterprise related apps are Internet dependent. So, deploying Quest Software or Citrix on a computing device to access remote server is not feasible.

To overcome this glitch, Microsoft has modified Windows 8. Windows 8 is directly integrated into Windows Active Directory, just like current desktop and notebook Windows machines. So you won’t need applications like Citrix to go between the tablet and server-side applications or virtual machines. This can mean savings of tens of thousands of dollars.

Additionally, Windows 8 will be a tablet-oriented operating system. In fact, the operating system will have a facility to modify the built-in graphical user interface to run enterprise level apps without rewriting them. Thus, it is certain that Windows 8 will help in accelerating the usage for cloud apps.


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