Monday, February 13, 2012


WordPress Works on Local Host But Not On Other PCs on Same Network | Fix

If you are new to Installing Wordpress on Ubuntu, you will come across this problem, For example, if you have installed local wordpress on your home or office network, once you have installed, this will seem to be working just fine on the Development PC. You can view your local wordpress site via http://localhost and or . But the real problem if, if you are trying to view the Wordpress from other computer on the same network, you will not see the content.

When you are trying to connect to the wordpress using the IP Address, You may see the wordpress directory listed or any files that you have placed there.

and when you are trying to open the Wordpress directory from another PC on the same network (Ex:, the browser pauses for a second or two, then will show a error the generic browser error: IE7 – “IE can not display the webpage” & Firefox says - “can't establish a connection to localhost”


First, check what is your WordPress and Blog address settings (Options > General) in WordPress. is it localhost or or

Every machine in the world thinks of LocalHost (or as being itself. So, you will never see anything from another machine if the URL is set as localhost.

Now you need to change that settings to the IP Address( in order to view your Wordpress from other computers. Also restart Apache after this, just to make sure... but it is still behaving the same.


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