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Advantages and Disadvantages of the New iPad | iPad 3

Apple has unveiled the next-gen iPad Packing a Retina (this is what they say) IPS display with the mind-blowing resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and a bumped up GPU, this shapes up to be one of the hottest slates on the market. And yes, the iPad has lost its Home button alright.

Rumours about the new slate being called iPad 3 or iPad HD turned out wrong and the new device is simply called iPad - just like the first generation device.

Moving on to the main course, it is said that the new Apple iPad offers a Retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 with around 263.92 ppi. Apple also says that it has better color saturation than the iPad 2. Only a little higher screen-resolution and a quad-core gpu to handle the higher screen resolution, this is less than even I expected from Apple!

But experts opinion is that the new Apple iPad cant have a Retina display, because the ppi is under 300. The display hast o be at least 330 ppi. for it to be a true retina display (330 ppi) and the resolution has to be at least 2664x1776! This is in fact a downgrade on performance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the New iPad  iPad 3

Another biggest disadvantage is, The iPad 2 gpu had to render (1024x768) = 786,432 pixels. The new iPad gpu which is 2x the iPad 2 one has to render an unnecessary 2048x1536= 3,145,728. That is, four times the pixels, with 2 times the gpu.

Earlier apple launched the iPhone 4 with the retina display and say 325 ppi and up is retina display tech. Now iPad is announced with just 263.92 ppi and they still call it a retina display smh. So what is what?

The processor inside is not a quad-core A6 but a dual-core A5X with quad-core graphics.

The camera is dubbed iSight - it's a 5 MP BSI unit with auto-focus, sporting a 5-element lens. The new iPad's camera offers 1080p video recording.

The new iPad features 21Mbps HSPA+ and 42Mbps DC-HSDPA and 4G LTE up to 73Mbps.

The new iPad will keep its acclaimed 10-hour battery life, save when in 4G mode when it will be able to do 9 hours.

Rumours  are there that the new iPad has lost its Home button! But its not true. We do have a home button. Don't worry. I can see the home button as well.

Again one should note that the processor inside is not a quad-core A6 but a dual-core A5X with quad-core graphics.

If you are planning to buy an iPad, yes, the new iPad, remember, hardly it can be used for productivity and serious business work. Editing a simple word or excel document is a pain.

Good for gaming and browsing. For each and every thing you need to have an special iPad app.

The new iPad is decent and very good but not really exciting about it because dual cores are still very fast even upto date. Apple has to do something to redesign the product.

iPhoto app means so much for average user than specs numbers. Of course iPhoto does cool works. But that is just a software. Ok, here is why "The new iPad" is nothing:

  • Same design
  • Same screen size, the higher resolution did absolutely nothing here beside need more powerful GPU to render on it. (That why Quadcore GPU is attached).
  • Same old Dualcore CPU.
  • No flash support
  • No HTML 5 support

It just another slightly modification of iPad 2. Probably of this, they never call it iPad 3 as this are not. No wonder they didn't call it iPad 3, because its actually going backwards. Thicker and heavier.

There is one more reason why people hate iPad.

  • The Ipad is the same $499 as the original.
  • Maybe users just hate iTunes and prefer the simplicity of drag and drop.
  • Maybe they like memory expansion.
  • Maybe they like Bluetooth file transfer.
  • Maybe they like USB connectivity, micro HDMI, quad core, etc, etc, etc....

Without no Flash support or HTML5 which Apple contributed in development, It's just another Game tablet.

Sorry, I can afford what Apple is selling. I need to be able to share information directly to other members of my team without having to go through iTunes, and I need a Wacom active pen system to utilize sketching apps properly.

I would have been impressed if they came out with Super AMOLED HD screen with a high resolution density. No real wow factor as an 800 by 1280 resolution is more than enough to trick your eye-brain to see a smooth picture definition.

Transformer prime Infinity is thinner and specs and cameras and screen are close not to mention they got a micro sd card slot in. Plus the 18 hour battery

The ipad range just doesn't excite me I will be truthful. The specs are great the screen one of a kind and the processor is ahead of the game for gaming but the folks at apple just don't think.

I mean a out-dated OS, a out-dated view of what consumers want. I don't know what to say i am just disappointed as there is nothing interesting.

Awesome! HD Screen, Quad-core and yet still 10 hour battery life! I want!

I personally think this is a good product but at the same time i still don't get the need for tablets when they mostly do the same things u can do on your phones. I doubt we will fully be able to appreciate such a high resolution on such a small screen. I can just about tell the difference between a 1080p film and a 720p film on my computer screen let alone a 10" screen.

Now in this world of extremely easy access to all information and knowledge, once users have taken power into their hands. Giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc. Will not be easy by using lies and manipulation to sell their products, and earn easy money.

Apple in the past has had a great balance of functionality and fashion, but I dare say people will buy this based on a "High". Personally the screen looks great, but a car's colour/paint/shape can only contribute so much to making the car a great car.

1080p resolution only make sense in large screen. A bigger resolution is stupid in a smallest screen. It doesn't make any sense 720p and 1080p is the same in a small screen you don´t notice the difference.

Yes, the display is wonderful, the web browsing will surely be great. But i guess Apple pushing the envelope. Take an objective look at the spec sheets of The Asus Transformer Prime vs the new iPad, is it close for the Asus or is it a thrashing by iPad?

Every one should read this what Apple said in their new commercial: "We think technology is best when it's invisible"

That's key element with iOS devices, apple sell things which you can do with that technology and not trying to sell the technology itself like others do.

That makes huge difference and is the one reason why apple sells so much and others not that much.

Personally, I see no big difference between the iPad 2 and the new iPad. And I see no reason to buy any tablet that can not even handle both html5 and Adobe Flash, and iPad can not even visit every webpage on the Internet!


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March 8, 2012 at 2:12 PM delete

If you want a device that can be used to increase your productivity, you can try any Android or Windows products. Using an Android or an Windows device can be much better than using ipad with their own software's and apps.

March 8, 2012 at 2:14 PM delete

I am waiting for Windows 8 and Samsung windows tablet. Waist of money on iPad3. On the phone side Android and players such as Samsung, LG, HTC are the stars. In the end of the day you want to make a phone call, a quality and decent call from your mobile device not playing game, listening to music, or surfing internet. On the latter iPhone is brilliant device, but on the first note is useless. Android is the future. I am done with Apple!

March 8, 2012 at 2:14 PM delete

I think apple are falling behind and are trying to compete just by using their brand name and terms like retina display, HD, A5x chip etc. Anyway this also will be an highly overpriced device.

March 8, 2012 at 2:15 PM delete

I saw the "retina" display on Motorola Defy. They advertise 264 ppi (on Ipad 3) as Retina, where Motorola Defy has 265 ppi, So Motorola Defy screen is now "upgraded" to Retina. Thats Bullshit APPLE!!! Real retina has 330 ppi (4s)

March 8, 2012 at 2:28 PM delete

thanks for your comments on bench3!