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Advantages Of Galaxy Note 10.1 Over the New iPad

Samsung feel they don't need to release something new to compete with the Apple's latest iPad.

The Android-based Galaxy Note 10.1 is Samsung's latest tablet model, taking its design from the Galaxy Note 'phablet', which is just about the right size to be a challenge to fit into your pocket. Here is a complete Comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note phone and Apples New iPad.

With Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 we can view and work two apps (app should really support to work for simultaneous viewing. ) at the same time, where as it is not possible with the New iPad. For example, on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, you can take notes on from app and you can view another app at the same time. And also you can cut copy and paste content between two apps on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

Samsung Galaxy Note is optimized for precision writing and drawing. Which is not possible on Apple iPad. But with the help of Generic iPad Stylus, one of the most popular iPad accessories, it is possible.

On Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, we can write as we would with pen or pencil and paper. But Apples new iPads screen only recognizes one level of pressure sensitivity.

Precision Photo and Image Editing is possible only with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and not with Apple’s iPad.

Advantages Of Galaxy Note 10.1 Over the New iPad

And after all these advantages of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. It is lighter and thinner than the new iPad. And we can able to control home theater equipment with integrated IR port.

We can able to attach a USB (2.0) mouse on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and of course, we can able to expand storage on MicroSD up to 32GB.

Samsung's Galaxy Note tablet was released in February to a widely positive reception from technology websites and blogs.

CNET highly praised the tablet for taking a different approach to what is rapidly becoming a well-saturated computer market.  If you really want to be picky, there are actually some tangible benefits to the Note over the 'revolutionary' new iPad. It actually is marginally thinner and does things a little differently.

Advantages Of Galaxy Note 10.1 Over New iPad

While it is nice to see two big companies vying for every last bit of power they can hold over the mobile market, Samsung really could do with finding a better way to express themselves.


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