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Difference Between Photos App and Windows Photo Gallery

If you have tried Windows 8 recently, then you might have experienced Widows Photos App On Windows 8. And this article will let you know what is the difference between the Photos app and Photo Gallery that you have been using in Windows 7, and its still available in Windows 8.

Difference between the Photos app and Photo Gallery in Windows 8:

One of the new features on Windows 8 is the new Photos Apps along with other features, apps and design changes and update. So, what is this all new Photos App all about in Windows 8?

Note: Photos App is free, and it comes pre installing on Windows 8. If you find this app missing, you can still get it from the Windows App Store.

Difference Between Photos App and Windows Photo Gallery

Photo Apps in Windows 8:

As we have said, you can install the Photos app for free on your Windows 8 Desktop or Tablet PC. Photos App simply integrates your digital photos with the Windows charms to let you snap, share, print, and search your photos.

Windows 8 Photos App is one place to save or re-use all your photos and memories, Photo apps displays photos from your Pictures library on your Windows 8 PC and connected services with social network such as Flickr and Facebook etc, and lets you browse with insightful views that are optimized for touch.

Photos App is available only on Windows 8. Thus, if you are using earlier version of Windows like Windows Vista or Windows 7, you will not be able to download or install the Photos apps.

If you have not tried Windows 8 yet. No problem, you can successfully downloaded Windows 8

Photo Gallery:

Windows Live Photo Gallery helps you import, edit, organize and share photos and videos online. If Photo Gallery is not preinstalled, you can download it from Microsoft site and install Photo Gallery on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and including Windows 8.

Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 complements your photos experience on Windows by providing organization and editing capabilities.


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