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How To Create Animation Effects On iPhone | Flixel App

Flixel is an app for iOS which lets you do animations and then to share with your friends using iOS devices.

This iPhone app won’t make you snap a lot of photos and then stitch them together in a complex manner to make an animation. All you have to do is to point your iPhone or iPad’s camera in the direction of a moving object, and you will have a fully functional animation, which can be edited and then shared with all your friends and personal network on the app.

How To Create Animation Effects On iPhone  Flixel App 1 How To Create Animation Effects On iPhone  Flixel App 2

Flixel starts off with a display of the app’s feed, showcasing all the best shares made by other app users. The Featured images include animations which have received the most likes and favorites from other users.

You can view the animation by tapping its thumbnail, and in its menu, there are options to share it over Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or via email. Most animations take some time to load up fully, so give it a few moments to enjoy completely.

Although it is possible to use Flixel without signing up for a new account, guests users can’t share their own animations over the app’s own network.

Creating animations using Flixel is easy. Just tap the central camera button in the bottom bar of the app, and you will be taken to the preview screen. The camera sported by Flixel is pretty simple, with just grid and flash buttons present.

After you have captured the animation, you can edit it with ease. There are many filters present in Flixel, which can be applied with a single tap. Most effects are free, but there are a few paid ones as well, which can be activated via in-app purchases. It is also possible to cut your animations artistically from different areas to give it a whole new view. Once you are done editing the image, you can choose to add a caption to it, along with your current location.

Flixel is a free app, and you can grab it by going to the App Store link provided below.

Download Flixel


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