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How To Get The Start Button In Windows 8

You'd be surprised how many emails we get asking how to get the start button back in Windows 8. 

Something windows 7 doesn't need. There's no reason to click the All Programs section of the start menu in Windows 7 unless you can't remember the name of an app you want. And how often does that actually happen?

I remember all the complainers bashing Vista's search bar in the Start menu. What is this useless search doing here? I can launch things faster because I organize everything into folders."

And everything improved once people realized that they could hit the Start key, type in "wo" and hit Enter to launch Word.

Just the same on 8. Its awesome fast to launch anything from Metro. Just start typing what you want. But how many of us know how good this feature is? There is more to Windows 8 than Metro, a lot more, but not enough that it outweighs the massive disadvantage in adding Metro.

There's no point to Windows 8 if all users are going to do is force a way to get the start button back. But, in time users will adapt, and a few years from now those still complaining will look as silly as the "Save XP" campaign that was waged during Windows 7's development.

Just because something is new doesn't mean it is automatically an improvement over what came before. You should approach with an open and neutral mindset so as to best be able to judge what you are presented with.

Actually, Windows 8 is not for those who are afraid of change and can't multitask like the elite Metro users. Yes I mean it!

Ok, if you don’t like the Windows 8 User Interface, and you would like to get a start menu for your Windows 8, here is a good news for you all.

Start Button In Windows 8:

Stardock is planning to release a free app for the Windows 8 that would allow desktop users to launch a more traditional Windows Start menu. The app is scheduled to be released later this week.

But if you absolutely, positively cannot wait for the app to be released, there is perhaps a way to create an approximation of the Start menu with no need for a third party app.

The method is actually pretty simple.

  • In the desktop version of Windows 8, you launch Windows Explorer and then click the View tab on the toolbar.
  • After that you then check off the "Hidden items" box which should reveal a number of hidden files and folders.
  • After that is done, you right click the taskbar and select Toolbars.
  • You then select the New Toolbar menu item which brings up a new screen.
  • Then you select Program Data, then Microsoft, then Windows and finally Start Menu.
  • That last action will create a Start Menu toolbar which should appear on the far right of the taskbar.
  • You can move the menu if you want by right clicking the taskbar and then unchecking the Lock the Taskbar selection.

 How To Get The Start Button Back in Windows 8

The final result should look like the screenshot above.

Of course, This doesn't look so nice, but it replicates the classic start menu, something windows 7 doesn't even have as well.


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