Friday, April 20, 2012


bench3 is now 3 years old

Three years can come and go quickly, so quickly in fact that’s hard to think that we’ve been around for just that long. Today, 20th April, celebrates bench3’s 3rd birthday as a site that strives to cover Microsoft and other tech news, and this wouldn’t be possible without the fantastic community that we have.

Cheers, everyone!

Also, we have been working hard over the past couple of weeks to decide on changes to the way we are delivering the content to you: the readers.

We decided that news regurgitation and unnecessary articles will be a thing of the past, replaced with fresh, engaging and interesting content with a more friendly style. We have been listening to feedback about our news reporting, and we feel like it’s time to personalize and bring tech news back to a level that is more enjoyable to read.

Along with this new style of news that we hope you’ll enjoy, we are accelerating our original content and feature articles. As you may have noticed, we have recently been pushing out regular reviews, and that will continue to occur along with more editorials, more opinion and more original analysis than before.

We hope everyone appreciates the direction we are headed, and while it won’t happen overnight and will take some work on the part of the news staff, we hope the end result will be a better bench3.


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Haja Peer Mohamed H, Software Engineer by profession, Author, Founder and CEO of "bench3" you can connect with me on Twitter , Facebook and also onGoogle+

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