Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Get 5GB Storage On Google Docs For Free

Google is entering the cloud storage business and joining an ever increasing field with its gdrive service.

Google has been doing cloud storage for years! I use Google Docs every day. Google Music is where my entire music library is stored and all my photos are on Google+
Google's 2 step authentication pretty much beats anything any other cloud services have to offer.

Google Docs Grows to 5GB Free Storage, but this is how you will get that 5GB Free. This morning, Google Docs grew to 5GB free storage. It seems Google Drive shall be launching very soon.

If you only have 1GB of storage on Google Docs, upload a file (I just uploaded a simple txt file) and BAM! you instantly get upgraded to 5GB. Thank you Google! Gdrive precursor me thinks.

Get 5GB Storage On Google Docs For Free (2)

Who wants to play the betting game with me? Google Docs is going to be re-branded to Google Drive.

Anyway, I currently use dropbox because it is (in my eyes anyway) the safest storage option out there at the moment. With encryption tools it is as safe as it can be. And for me to move completely to Google Drive, needs some clarifications, Yes, some questions I would like to see addressed;

  • Is gdrive going to be as safe as others, such as dropbox ?
  • What security features are going to be in gdrive ?
  • Who will have access to the info stored on gdrive ?

However, I read something rather disturbing earlier online where it suggests that Facebook might be looking to acquire Dropbox to get in on the cloud business!

IF Dropbox becomes another Facebook acquisition I will delete my account! I wonder how many would follow suit?


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