Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Google unveils new Google Drive cloud storage service

Google launched a long-anticipated "Drive" service that lets people store, share and collaborate on digital files in the Internet "cloud."

Google Drive accounts with five gigabytes of storage were available free at drive.google.com and upgrades to more space on servers in the California company's data centers were available at rates set by size and country.

The model is really designed at the core to help people live their lives in the cloud, Google Drive is something we see as central to the online experience at Google.

Google Drive software has been tailored for Windows and Macintosh computers as well as smartphones or tablets powered by Google-backed Android software.

Google unveils new Google Drive cloud storage service

Google Drive data can be reached from various devices, and deleting it from one deletes it from all. Scanned letters can be saved. Fax messages can be sent or received at Drive.

Watch the below video to understand Google Drive…




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