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Hide Your Real Identity Online With Disposable Email Address In Yahoo Mail

If your Inbox is full of spam message or you don’t want to become a victim of Online Identity theft then you should consider using Disposable Email Address which will hide your real identity online. There are lots of online services which provides Disposable Email Address but those services are not reliable. But you can use your Yahoo Mail Account to create up to 500 address which is more then enough for you.

Here is what we need to do to create a Disposable Email Address In Yahoo Mail:

  • Log-in to your yahoo mail account.
  • Click on the “Options” button which will show you a drop-down menu, where you have to select “Mail Options”. This will bring up your Mail Options and will be showed as a Tab on your main interface. See the Screenshot below.

Hide Your Real Identity Online With Disposable Email Address In Yahoo Mail

  • In this window select “Disposable Addresses
  • You will have to select your Base Name. This base name is going to be in every Disposable address so don’t forget to choose an anonymous name.
  • In the Next step You will be asked to write a keyword for creating a temporary email address. Try to use any simple words which will help you to remember it easily. However there is no restriction and you can use any word you want.
  • In this step you can also specify where you want your mails to be sent. You can choose your main Inbox or any custom folder that you have created or even you can directly send it to your spam folder.

To reduce the spams you can select the “Use SpamGuard” option and click save to create your temporary email address.

That’s all.. You can delete these Disposable addresses whenever you want and can create up to 500 temporary email addresses different keywords.


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