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How To Adjust VLC Player Settings For Best Sound Output

If you are just starting to find any problem with the performance of the sound, the Bass on VLC player, this post if just for you. This post also  helps you to achieve Good Bass from your PC using the free VLC Player.

VLC player is a free media player that can work on almost any well known platforms. The player can play well known audio and video formats too. Do let me know if you still have any questions.

Of course, the performance will not be a satisfactory one if you are just trying to settle with the default sound settings in the VLC player. If you are trying to tweak the music system for improving the performance, you will not find any big change. You need to tweak the settings on the VLC in order to achieve the best results.

How To Adjust VLC Player Settings For Best Sound Output

The audio settings can be tweaked from the VLC music player itself. This article is created just for you.

To tweek your sound settings, you have to make changes to Equalizer settings.

To get there, you can press “Ctrl + e” to get those options. The shortcut brings you “Adjustments and Effects” windows from which you can control your equalizer settings.

If the shortcut doesn’t work, then you can get there from

Tools > Adjustments and Effects.

By default, the equalizer settings were set to “Flat” you can change the settings to “Full bass and treble” to get better bass.


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