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Huawei E303 USB Modem Advantages

One of the latest 3G modems available in the market is Huawei E303 USB modem and it has captured a large market since it released this year. What makes Huawei E303 USB modem different from other similar devices and become more popular than others? You will have to read the following details to get the answers

Fast Speed

Have you ever been to a get stuck in such situation where you need to connect to the Internet but there are no Wi-Fi hotspots around? If this happens to you a lot, perhaps you should seriously consider using a USB modem that help you connect to internet access smoothly through a 3G network.

Huawei E303 USB Modem Advantages

With download and upload speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and 5.76 Mbps respectively, Huawei E303 USB modem, is at a special price of only $68.00 at most online store, it is also one of the most reasonable and acceptable price. With Huawei E303 USB modem, you can transform your laptop, even a desktop, into a mobile office without having to depend on a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Huawei E303 3G modem uses high speed packet access or HSPA+technology, So Huawei E303 3G modem is capable of higher capacity data throughput compared to lower end USB modems.

Get Stable Signal On The Move

The use of HSPA+ ensures not only fast internet access but also a stable one, which means you can use Huawei E303 3G modem on a train or car without the fear that you will slip off or lose connection to the Internet. If you already own an early model USB modem, and I think you may know clearly the difficulty to get a stable signal while you are on the move or in a weak signal area. This device answers that problem and makes Internet connectivity on the move as stable as being on the ground.

Very Easy To Use

Huawei E303 USB modem is very handy. Weighing only 20g and being no bigger than an ordinary flash drive. Huawei E303 3G modem can easily be taken anywhere. You can simply slip it into your pocket or in your laptop bag. Speaking of flash drives, you can actually use this slight piece of 3g modem as a storage device and you can put your files. Due to it is a plug and play device, Huawei E303 USB modem does not need any special installation procedures. Just plug it to your Windows or Mac system and you’re ready to go.

Perfect For Mobility

Huawei E303 3G modem is especially perfect for individuals who are always on the move. If you need to surf the Internet or check your email, watch movie, listen to music while on the bus, car or train, and all you do is to insert Huawei E303 3G modem to your laptop and I think you may enjoyable all the day with huawei E303.


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