Thursday, April 5, 2012


Install Third-Party Visual Styles In Windows 8

There is not much customization is possible on Windows 8. as of now, it is strictly reserved. And as with the case of previous versions of Windows, Windows 8 doesn’t allow you install third-party or custom visual styles by default. One needs to have edited or patched themeui.dll, Uxlnit.dll and uxtheme.dll files to be able install and use unsigned visual styles.

My WCP Theme Patch is one simple patch through which you can use any third-party custom visual styles.

Warning! Since the tool replaces default system files, we recommend you create a system restore point before running this tool.

My WCP Theme Patch Enables You Install Third-Party Visual Styles In Windows 8

My WCP Theme Patch is a little tool for Windows 8 that enables you install third-party visual styles in Windows 8 by replacing one or more existing system files. Compatible with both x86 and x64 versions of Windows 8, My WCP Theme Patch replaces default system files in a matter of seconds.

Even though there are very few visual styles available for Windows 8 at this moment, you may want to try out one of them from DeviantArt or other galleries. This tool comes in handy for Windows enthusiasts who plan to create new visual styles for Windows 8.

Download My WCP Theme Patch


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