Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Return Remote Desktop View To Full Screen

Do you have problem that remote desktop not running in Full Screen mode? In the past, I had the same problem…

What happen is, I can start it up with full screen no problem. But when I click on the "restore down" button so I can re-size it temporarily, it won't return to full screen when I click on the "maximize" button.

What it does instead is it make the window as large as possible covering the entire screen like when you open up internet explorer, still with the 3 "minimize", "restore down", "close" button at the top-right.

Not a full screen as I initially start with.

How do I make it return to full screen?


I have a solution, just make sure you can see the hidden files on your Windows 7 PC, i guess you know how to do that (Control panel – Folder Options – View Tab – Show Hidden Files)

Return Remote Desktop View To Full Screen

Close any Remote Desktop connection that is running.

Go to your Documents (Start - Documents)

Find this file, Default... (this file will be hidden)

bench3 Return Remote Desktop View To Full Screen

Delete that file.

Start remote desktop connection now.

Hope this will make your Remote Desktop Connection To Full Screen. If you find this solution useful, please leave your comment, so that others can take your point.


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