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Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 Pros And Cons

Samsung has finally come out with the upgraded version of galaxy ace. The Galaxy Ace Plus packs a 3.65-inch HVGA (320 x 480 pixel) display in a 114.7mm x 62.5mm x 11.2mm (4.5in x 2.46in x 0.44in) frame. The Ace Plus features a refined design with rounded corners and a glossy back.

The pixel quality seems good and there were no blur images, it may be low but its of good quality.

Samsung has promised to provide the 4.0 android ICS soon but this will also get outdated as android 5.0 jellybean would come later this year and android 6.0 key lime pie next year which proves that most of the phones would get an upgrade.

The only thing missing is a front camera and scratch resistant screen. The thing that most of the people don't know about android phones is that the apps cannot be completely move to SD card some part of it stays in phone memory to disallow piracy of apps and some cannot be even moved to SD card thus, the internal memory of 3GB (Usable 2.7 GB) comes handy over here. Well, this is really sufficient.

There are some serious questions on whether is it really an upgrade?. The only upgrade we are talking here is the steep price and internal memory and just the slightly over clocked CPU (200 to be precise)-that's it,that's what u get after paying an extra $ 100 more compared to older galaxy ace.

Ok, here is something I would like to say why it is not worth the price-

Display resolution is the biggest drawback of this handset as the size has increased a bit the resolution is exact same as the original galaxy ace, and in fact this kind of display was present even in 2006 and so.. Which results in poor quality display and blur images and over all user experience is extremely poor

Adreno 200 GPU is very very old and is just not capable of handling modern day graphics and games,forget watching HD videos and playing HD games as other competitors in this price range are easily capable of doing (some even have HDMI port).

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus still missing the front camera, which I feel Samsung could have accommodated on the phone.

Samsung is very smart indeed. They create cheap phones in the name of the Galaxy series and make insane profits. They created a killer in the name of Galaxy S2 and won the critics. Now, they are capitalizing with these cheap phones priced way overboard. People with little knowledge of anything other than the names 'Samsung' and 'Galaxy' are quite easy to fool. Bottom line is you got to be a fool to buy anything other than Galaxy S2 of Samsung.

To Conclude With, for this price range, this is a full pack with good power under the hood. Powerful set. Should go for this if you have fixed your budget on this range, and if you really feel that you have missed Samsung Galaxy Ace.


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