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Steps To Delete Facebook Account Completely

Here is a check list of items to go through in order to ensure the success of deleting your Facebook account.

Remove all applications and Facebook Connect Websites. Well, you may be asking, why is it important to remove (disconnect) all connected websites and services. It is because, when they try to use your Facebook account, your account can automatically be activated.

You might be using external third party applications within Facebook, example iPhoto, Zerply, etc also you would have linked your Facebook account to external website while commenting on articles or for using it for web based authentications all these applications can reactivate your Facebook account if you happen to use them knowingly or unknowingly since they are linked to your Facebook account automatically.

Steps To Delete Facebook Account Completely

The first step would be to remove and delink all these applications from your Facebook account. Here is how u can do that.

  • Login into Facebook and click on Account setting
  • On the top right hand corner. Click Privacy Settings.
  • At the bottom of Privacy Setting you’ll see “Apps And Websites” click on “Edit Your Settings”
  • Under “Apps you use” Click on “Edit Settings”
  • Remove all the applications and websites that access your Facebook account.

Once you have disconnected all the linked websites and services from your Facebook account, you can proceed to deleting your Facebook Account.

Deleting Your Facebook Account

Warning! Facebook account once deleted, cannot be activated on the same name or email, please use these steps on caution.

  • Once you’ve take the steps above you can follow the instruction given in Remove Facebook Account and then the following given below if that is not successful.
  • The first step would be to email Facebook directly. Send an email to and request that Facebook deletes your account.
  • Wait  for a week to get an email response from Facebook confirming that your account has been permanently deleted.
  • If you don’t hear from Facebook within a week, email them again. This time, email Facebook at , but also send an email to and one to
  • Finally, attempt to log in to your account once you get an email from Facebook. If you’re unable to log in and don’t get a message asking you to reactivate your account, your Facebook account has been permanently deleted.


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