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HTC One X Short Review

The HTC One X brings the best processor, an HD screen and a sublimely thin chassis as the Taiwanese firm looks to recreate the success of the original Desire.

With Ice Cream Sandwich running from the outset, this is the phone that really takes HTC to the next level – but is it a case of too much, too soon for a brand that's still really just over a decade old?s

Unibody designs and smooth lines have been a feature of its devices, and that principle has been evolved with the HTC One X.

The One X is a large piece of phone estate in your hand. But it's that large 4.7-inch screen that is such a stunning feature of the One X – it's a 720p HD display packed into a chassis that's only 8.9mm thick. Plus it's also using the Super IPS LCD 2 technology that, while it lacks the vivid color reproduction of Samsung's Super AMOLED range, really brings games and movies to life. But what is best? OLED or LCD?

HTC One X Short Review

OLED or LCD, it's a matter of choice whether you prefer improved contrast ratios or a more true to life color reproduction. In our opinion, both are excellent and the One X will certainly not disappoint.

Like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X  has got a pixel density (screen sharpness) that rivals the iPhone 4S, but does it on a screen that's over an inch larger. It's one of those devices that you have to see to really believe, but there's a good chance you'll confuse it with a shop model with a static image Sellotaped onto the front.

HTC One X  is very light indeed at 130g. That's quite a bit heavier than the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2 (14g, in fact) but in reality you'll consider it to be almost impossible to feel in the pocket.

HTC One X  features the 8MP camera, which protrudes quite a lot from the handset. While the smaller SIM will be a slight annoyance to those upgrading from the full-size version, the lack of a microSD slot will be a big worry for many, especially as HD movies and large games will play very well on a phone like this.

There is 32GB of onboard storage, but that's not going to be enough for the like of smartphone user that wouldn't buy an iPhone until capacity was raised to 64GB.

And thanks to the slightly curved nature of the chassis, doesn't affect the phone too much when resting on a table.

The size is the main design issue we can see for most people – this sleek-looking, lightweight phone will appeal to both men and women, but those with smaller hands will struggle to use the HTC One X effectively without doubling down on their digits.


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