Sunday, May 6, 2012


Migration from Novell to 2008R2

How to migrating Windows XP workstations on Novel into a 2008R2 domain. Where, most workstations have only one primary user and profiles are stored locally. The My Documents folder is being redirected to a NetWare mapped drive. Can USMT migrate the local profile to a roaming profile stored on 2008R2?

Eventually the workstation will be migrated to 7. Do we hold off on roaming profiles until then? Can 7 go from local to roaming profile?

Go from local profile to local profile. Turn roaming on, afterwards. Simpler, cleaner, easier to troubleshoot. There will be those days.

Turning on roaming profiles once in a native Windows environment is simple, common and useful. However, check your network architecture to ensure you can handle this against what data is in those profiles. Large PST, Movies, etc will cause the user to think the new network or products (hint, hint) is not good.

Yes it can achieve this using UAMT 4 to migrate Windows XP local to 7 domain roaming.


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