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Vodafone RED Box and its Advantages

Buying a new mobile phone can be an exciting time but once you get it home it can be a pain in the butt transferring all your contacts from your old handset. Well, Vodafone’s RED Box may be the perfect solution. The force is strong with this one, so read on to discover how the Vodafone RED Box could help you.

And Here is how the Vodafone RED Box actually works:

We just hook up your old and new mobiles to Vodafone RED Box and start transferring your contents from one to the other. As well as working with over 3,000 phones, Vodafone RED Box:

  • Supports all operating systems – including iPhone (iOS), Android™, BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile and Symbian
  • Automatically updates to make sure it’s compatible with new phones as they’re launched
  • Securely backs up your phone contents to a USB disk drive or your new phone’s SD card

All you need to do is tell Vodafone store adviser what you want moved, then let Vodafone RED Box take care of the rest. You can even watch as the contents of your old phone are transferred to your new one – in minutes.

Vodafone RED Box and its Advantages

It moves more than just your contacts
When you use the Vodafone RED Box, it’s not just your contacts that can be moved from your old phone to your shiny new handset. As well as the entire contents of your phone’s address book, Vodafone’s RED Box can also move your photos, videos and music, making it faster, easier and more secure than ever for you to get set up on your new phone.

It supports every mobile phone OS

No matter whether you’re moving from an old Windows Mobile-based phone to a new Windows Phone 7.5 handset, or from a Symbian smartphone to an Android device, the Vodafone RED Box offers full support for them all. There’s no need to be embarrassed about how old your current phone is, as the RED Box will recognise them all and easily transfer your content, regardless.

It securely backs up your phone

When you use the Vodafone RED Box it not only transfers your content, it also securely backs it all up for you to have a protected copy for safekeeping. When you bring in your old mobile phone to a Vodafone store, the Vodafone RED Box backs up your phone’s content to an external USB drive or your new phone’s SD card, so you can keep your backup safe and secure.

It’s fully future-proofed

With new and updated mobile phone operating system’s being released all the time, the Vodafone RED Box is constantly kept up to date so that it can stay at the cutting-edge of the latest OS advances. With full support offered for the latest operating systems, you can be sure that your new phone will be fully supported anytime you buy yourself a brand new Vodafone handset.

It’s free in all Vodafone stores
And as if all the fantastic time saving features of the Vodafone RED Box weren’t already enough, it’s also completely free for Vodafone customers to use. All you have to do is pop into your nearest Vodafone store with your two phones and the Vodafone staff will hook up your handsets and transfer your content from your old phone to your new one in matter of minutes; for FREE!

Are you planning to pick up a new Vodafone handset soon and will you use the Vodafone RED Box to move to your new phone? Why not let us know and tell us which phone you’ll be buying, by posting in the Comments below?

And here is the New Vodafone UK TV ad featuring Jedi Master Yoda. The ad focuses on RED Box, a service that automatically transfers contacts and content from your old phone to your new one. Yoda tries to use his power to help a couple with the daunting task of transferring numbers to the husband's new smartphone, but, he soon realises that the Force is not needed, as Vodafone's new RED Box service has already solved the problem.

The TV spot has been produced by a team at Lucasfilm's renowned San Francisco-based visual effects facility ILM (Industrial Light & Magic), with Tom Kane voicing Yoda's CGI character.

If you are a new phone owner, pop into a Vodafone store today to transfer your contacts, photos, music and videos via the RED Box. The RED Box is a Real-time Exchange Device – simple to use and secure. So far the service covers over 3,000 phones including the major operating systems of iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry. In addition, take in your USB device and Vodafone will back-up the contents to a USB drive or SD card.


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