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How To Use CMD When Its Blocked

CMD, which developed from the original is the command interpreter for MS-DOS and is required for the majority of Microsoft's operating systems. Without the computer running a Microsoft operating system would be unable to boot.

When running Windows NT, 2000, XP, or future operating systems there are two versions of the command interpreter, and cmd.exe. Cmd offers additional environment variables than; however, it is recommend if you are attempting to run a MS-DOS utility that you utilize the To use, click Start, Run, and type command

You can use this trick to enable the command prompt "cmd.exe" when the same is blocked on your PC due to a virus attack or by some privilege. Do you know, cmd is blocked at school /library/Office or just need to nav faster it very easy to use

Method 1(if you want to do something with the CMD, do it here):

  • 1. Open a notepad
  • 2. do what ever command you want to put into CMD
  • 3. Save it as a .bat file
  • 4. launch it!
    Method 2:

Or if you want open CMD, follow these steps

  • notepad, and type cmd.exe
  • it as anyname here .bat
  • 3. click that bat file you have CMD.

Done now you cam play with CMD when it is blocked on Computer


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