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Show Technical Names (Transactions) in SAP Tree

When working in the SAP system, it is useful to display the technical names of the transactions. The technical names are used for quick entry by entering the name in the command field.

Few users use SAP tree to find and run the program/transaction they would like to run. There are also another type of users which mainly use transaction codes directly in the SAP command field. I am not going to debate in this quick guide whether you should use one or another and what are the pros and cons of both of them.

By Default, SAP tree and related transactions will look like following:

Figure: SAP Tree without Technical Names
In order to display the technical names, you will need to access the Extras option of the Menu Bar.
OK, let’s go back to the SAP Tree. To show the transaction codes, you should go to the top menu: Extras->Settings
Figure: SAP Extras Settings menu

Check the flag for “Display technical names”

Figure: SAP check flag display technical names

When you do this then the same SAP tree will look like following screenshot:

Figure: SAP Tree with transaction codes

Please note that, when you don’t display the technical names, you could find the technical name by looking at the status menu at the bottom right corner when you run particular program/transaction.

Figure: SAP Transaction Codes in the status


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