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Windows Phone 10 To Have Advanced Notification Center

Not only actionable notifications are re-confirmed to be in works, but it also seems that notification center may come with tweaked UI and will show many more control options like “music controls”, while playing music.
At the moment, the Action Center in Build 9860 of Windows 10's Technical Preview only allows for basic notifications, so hardcore users will have to wait until the next build update for anything substantial.
Although Microsoft have done a splendid job of keeping all the focus on Windows 10, as opposed to Windows Phone 10, details about the next version of the mobile OS keep popping up. Microsoft certainly have their reasons — the various updates to Windows Phone 8.1 are currently rolling out at a somewhat slow pace around the globe, and there is absolutely no point in sabotaging the sales of these devices.
Advanced Notification Center For Windows Phone 10
Anyway, we learned earlier today that the company was developing Interactive Live Tiles for the next version of its mobile operating platform, whatever it ends up being called. It appears that that’s not the only major upgrade coming to the OS.
The same report also reveals that in addition to these improvements, Redmond is busy developing a much more advanced notification center. It will be available on all flavors of Windows Phone 10, providing users access to actionable notifications.
This is, as you may know, a feature that has already been requested by many users.
For example, it might soon be possible to answer Skype messages or chat with contacts without opening the app itself. A simple “reply” button in the notifications pane might do the trick, placed somewhere near the notification.
A welcome, if expected addition.
Download Windows 10
Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to make sure that Windows 10 is the best desktop operating system since Windows 7, and that means adding features straight from the Windows Phone. You can Download Windows 10 Technical Preview from this link.


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